Step back in time

Lose yourself in Istanbul’s extraordinary Grand Bazaar, extending over numerous streets and filled with handcrafted jewellery, ceramics, silks and carpets, clothing, food and coffee. The impressive architecture of this sapphire city does not disappoint. Ornately decorated, the Hagia Sophia operates today as a museum and is just one of many significant and awe-inspiring landmarks. Under the streets of Istanbul lies a whole new adventure with a visit to the Basilica Cistern; featuring a tremendous man-made underground water receptacle dating back to ancient times.

What you'll need

A valid passport and, depending on your nationality, a visa

Best time to go

March to May for the long Springtime days

Travel tip

Try a glass of boza at the Vefa Bozacisi cafe

Essentials to pack

Comfortable, informal but modest clothing and lots of sun protection

Top sights

Check out some of the most impressive landmarks, adrenaline-pumping activities, inspiring views and fascinating exhibits this city has on offer.

1Aya Sofya
2Topkapı Palace
3Blue Mosque
4Basilica Cistern
6Istanbul Archaeology Museum
7Grand Bazaar
8Süleymaniye Mosque
9Spice Bazaar
9Dolmabahçe Palace
9Chora Church

Istanbul Hotels

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