The cradle of civilization

The Middle East is a kaleidoscope of culture, constantly shifting against a blazing orange backdrop. Nowhere else in the world will you quite see such a radical juxtaposition of the old, the contemporary and the futuristic. From the marvel of urban planning that is Dubai to the historically rich Istanbul, the Middle East will move you.

Top sights in Middle East

In the abundant capital of ancient marvels, you’re practically guaranteed to be awed by your surroundings on an hourly basis. In case you need a kickstart of inspiration, here are some of our major picks when it comes to must-see destinations.

2Dead Sea
3Burj Khalifa
4Western Wall
5Hagia Sophia
6Wadi Rum
7The World
8Sultan Ahmed Mosque
9Eqyptian Pyramids
10Burj Al Arab
11Masjid al-Haram
12Old City