A dense vista of art, fashion and history

Hong Kong is famous for its extensive and varied shopping. Whatever your tastes in fashion, tech or consumer goods, you will find a wealth of options tailored to your needs. City Plaza and the Ladies Market are excellent shopping hubs if you’re new to the city. Hong Kong’s food ranges from quick and easy Cantonese to British inspired afternoon high-teas. The Peak Lookout is the perfect plays to see this metropolis laid out before you and Hong Kong's grand ‘Symphony of Lights’ show is performed on most nights. Don’t forget to stop by the Sun Yat Sen Museum for a crash course on HK’s fascinating origin.

What you'll need

Check with the HK Immigration Department to learn what is required for your visit

Best time to go

November to April during the cool season

Travel tip

Split your accommodation between the Island and Kowloon to fully experience Hong Kong’s duality

Essentials to pack

An umbrella, comfortable walking shoes and a detailed map

Top sights

Check out some of the most impressive landmarks, adrenaline-pumping activities, inspiring views and fascinating exhibits this city has on offer.

1Victoria Peak
2Victoria Central Business District
3Wong Tai Sin Temple
4Tsim Sha Tsui
5Avenue of Stars
6Ocean Park
7Repulse Bay
8Big Buddha
9Tai O Fishing Village
10Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong Hotels

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